Beast - Blender + Hydration System
Beast - Blender + Hydration System

Beast - Blender + Hydration System

The Beast Blender + Hydration System is thoughtfully designed and meticulously engineered with industry-leading technology, resulting in a machine that is the ultimate in preparing nutrient-rich smoothies and infusions that make you Strong Inside™.

The combination of the Beast Blender with the Hydration System allows you to make perfect blends and infused water. By quickly pulsing your ingredients before infusing, your water will have tons of flavor and more nutrients compared to infusing larger pieces of ingredients. It’s also great for taking your blends on the go.

The Beast - your Hydration Blend™ blender.

Always blend in Beast Mode ®.

What's in the box:
- B10 Blender Base
- B10 Blade Assembly
- 1000mL Blending Vessel
- 500mL Blending Vessel
- 2x Blending Vessel Storage lids
- Blending Vessel Drinking Lid
- 750mL Glass Vessel
- Hydration System Drinking Lid
- Infusion Chamber
- Chamber Mount
- Carry Cap (compatible with B10 Blender + Hydration System)

- Blender Voltage: 120V
- Blender Wattage: 1000
- Blender Weight: 12 lbs
- Blender Height: 15 3/4 inches (includes 1000mL Blending Vessel attached)
- Blender Capacity: 1000mL in the big Vessel + 500mL in the small Vessel
- Blending Vessel Materials: BPA-Free Tritan™, grippy TPE overmold
- Blender Settings: 2 speeds (pulse + blend)
- Hydration System Weight: 2 lbs
- Hydration System Capacity: 750mL
- Hydration Vessel Materials: borosilicate glass, PP, silicone, stainless steel, TPE